Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fish Challenge

This year like every year in the Fall, my Sweetie goes Fishing with the GUYS.
Has been like this for well over thirty years.
Last year I sent SPECIAL Soap for all that participated.
The results I was told were gigantic.
The perfect soap for fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts. It keeps the bugs off, masks the human scent, attracts fish, and contains fine pumice for exfoliating. With anise essential oil, this bar makes a great gift for the sportsman as well as a useful household soap, especially when preparing raw fish or meat. The smell of licorice (anise) masks human odor and that fish are attracted to its smell. As an added benefit anise oil has strong antibacterial qualities.
This year I needed something different.
This was what ensued
No Bones About It
Dear Anglers, fly fishers and other Hobbyists of the World’s Oldest Profession [or the Second one]

This is an occasion for you to make a “BASS” out of your legal prowess at finagling words.
It has come to our attention that most of you are known for your verbosity [none of us had a hard time believing that!] In an effort to enhance your forthcoming trip to the lands of our Northern neighbours. WE; your judges, have decided to CAST forth this challenge.
The challenge [Trial] being:

Knowing your propensity to be loquacious and your adroitness to, how shall we say, STRETCH the truth/ facts concerning your exploits / manipulate and dexterity as fishers of men…we set forth to each of you to come up with
We ask that you fine Gentle men, you pillars of society, you learned men, you defenders of all that is manly, etc. etc. etc… We humbly ask that you provide us with your best “WHOPPER of a Fish Story.
We could say, that you need to feel free to embellish your story, however we know how well you are able to CAST your
LI [E] NES… ;)
A diverse, politically correct, fair minded and balanced panel will judge all entries.
Stay tuned for the winning story

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Salty said...

:) looking forward to this one Dee, we all know the "Big" one always gets away! :) :)