Monday, December 01, 2008

December the ONTH!

The Popover recipe re configured…what a bust that was!
However the Apple Pies were YUMMY
With Thanksgiving just barely over we head to the BIG ONE.
Our Thanksgiving was fabulous.
What could be more enjoyable than having family together?
Hectic, sure is BUT man the fun HECTIC makes...
puts a spring in my step to be sure.
Food smells permeated the home, homemade ice cream,
Joe’s Green beans, Sweet Potato Goodness, special YUMMM there,
gravy and dressing; store bought frozen turkey.
Still love to watch the cranberries POP…such fun in the kitchen for sure.
Christmas Goose is in the freezer, NO not one of ours…
Old but a tried and true recipe
Perfect Ice Cream making causes a STIR at our HOME
The Store Bought Turkey
The tree has been picked out, now to ready the PROPER location in the home. Ah the smell of fresh pine…
Lovely LIVE Bird!
Slate preforming in front of the dogs
Gentle touches
Home Sweet Home
Time to get the inside decorated and begin to surreptitiously drag out from hiding places gifts to be wrapped.

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guild-rez said...

Thank you for your visit..
Thanksgiving is over and now it is time for cookies and Christmas cheers.
Have a wonderful season.
- Cheers.