Monday, June 30, 2008

A Mini Monet

The water lily flower stands for perfect beauty.
The water lily is the first flower mentioned in world literature. In Asia, the flowering water lily, called the lotus, symbolizes absolute truth and purity. The bloom became associated with Buddha himself. The Hindus in India believe that, before its creation as we know it, the world was a golden lotus.
These water plants, with their flowers of pink, white, and blue, often bloom only at night, their perfume spreading across the dark surface of a pond. In the West, the water lily flower was given the botanical name nymphaea, referring to those Greek nature goddesses, the nymphs.
Any of various cosmopolitan aquatic herbs of the genus Nymphaea, having floating leaves and showy, variously colored flowers, especially N. odorata, with fragrant many-petaled white or pinkish flowers. Also called pond lily.

Water lily is a common name for a small family of aquatic plants. The water lily's scientific family is Nympheaceae of the order Nymphaeales. The representative genus of the family is Nymphaea.
Interesting Facts: Water lilies were once used in ancient Egyptian art. The largest water lily is the Giant Water Lily. It can be found in the Amazon. It can grow to be 2 feet to 6 feet in diameter. It provides food for fish and wildlife. The only problem is that it causes drainage problems because of its large size. Claude Monet painted many paintings of water lilies. He got the idea because he had a water garden and enjoyed the plants' beauty and difference. This PROJECT was conceived @ 20 years ago when our youngest daughter planted the idea…
This year the POND is in its second summer...just a TAD more to be done BEFORE it is finally complete
So nice even with puppies...
More later as this project soon ends....