Thursday, June 12, 2008

Did you KNOW????

Birthday coming up!
Get Prepared!
June 13, 1865 William Butler Yeats, born in Ireland, poet, Wild Swans at Coole-Nobel 1923


Kerri said...

What a lovely flower! Love that you captured the raindrops on it!!

Julie said...

Gorgeous poppy!

Tene Murray said...

Interesting... and so is the flower, which I am not familiar with, but love the petals and color! :)

DeeMom said...

Tiz a fringed Poppy, KEWL is it not? This is its second season here, first to flower. Will be interesting to see how it multiplies next season.

I planted it with some daffodils, so when the Daffys are spent and the leaf part need to do its THING, the Poppy will take over and the unsightly DAFFY leaves are a mere memory…Well that is the plan