Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yipeeeeeeeeee Skippy

A Dusting of snow today!
It seems I finally got a picture of the female Downy woodpecker…they sure love the Peanut butter!
Picoides pubescens
Downy Woodpeckers readily visit backyard feeders where suet and peanut butter are offered.
The smallest and most common American woodpecker, the Downy Woodpecker is found throughout most of North America from Alaska to Florida. It lives in a variety of habitats from wilderness forests to urban backyards, and comes readily to bird feeders.
Other Names Pic mineur (French)
Call note a sharp "pik." Also a harsh rattle or whinny.
~~ Downy woodpecker Building a nest Feeding Chickadees and a Downy Woodpecker
Just thought I would say HELLO on this first Sunday of Lent
Now back to playing with my iPod…


imac said...

Nice collection of photos and the capture of woody is good.

Kostas said...

Very good the photographs and the comment in post, also I like a lot the snow that falls dense!

Neva said...

Some great snow shots.

Alyssa said...

Downy woodpeckers are so pretty. You've really caught that one in a nice snowfall. I have a tree face just like the one you show. Aren't they neat!!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Snow and Birds and a great Wood Pecker.... I followed the bird link and I've kept it as a favourite ...