Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some days “Catitude” reigns

Precipitation, overcast, murky and the chance of 1 to 3 inches of snow tonight has rendered me totally lacking in large amounts energy. Sad I have one half of the room with washed down walls…but alas no sun to aid on my quest for every little nip of dirt…

Rain and snow through March 6, EGADS
Gosh and goodness sake Saturday will be the FIRST of MARCH…ummmmmmmm
Will it come in like a Lion OR a Lamb?
I am ready with a beautiful Kite… ;)
The phrase apparently has its origins with the constellations Leo, the Lion, and Aries, the ram or lamb. It has to do with the relative positions of these constellations in the sky at the beginning and end of the month. But don't take my word for it, check out this illustrative cartoon from the Stargazer himself, Jack Horkheimer. Lore: according to the Farmers Almanac ~~~
Weather sayings are as colorful as our imagination. While many sayings are based on careful observations, and do turn out to be accurate, others are merely rhymes or the beliefs of the people who came before us. Those people often believed that bad spirits could affect the weather adversely, so they were cautious as to what they did or did not do in certain situations. Those beliefs often included ideas that there should be a balance in weather and life. So, if a month came in bad (like a lion), it should go out good and calm (like a lamb). With March being such a changeable month, in which we can see warm spring-like temperatures or late- season snow storms, you can understand how this saying might hold true in some instances. We can only hope that if March starts off cold and stormy it will end warm and sunny, but the key word is hope. This saying is more a rhyme rather than a true weather predictor.


Alyssa said...

Hi Dee! Those pictures of kittie sure reflect how I feel too. I read that out East there is all kinds of winter weather. Hope you aren't hit too bad. But, as you say, with March close by, there has to be better times coming! Love the post about the ducks and their pictures too! And your recipes always make me drool!!!

Lilli & Nevada said...

What a cute cat and i love that last photo. Having 10 cats of my own i really appreciate cat photos

Old Wom Tigley said...

Interesting post 'D'
One saying we have about March is this: 'As Mad As A March Hare'.
This is the month our largest hare starts to breed and get frisky running around the fields and males trying it on with the femails. Hares will do the same in other month, but March seems to be the best time. Hares will rise upon their big back legs and Box.. It's the females way of saying NO! Jane dose much the same ;o)


DeeMom said...

Madder than a March Hare ey?
Ummmmmm that conjures up the book Alice in Wonderland Tom!