Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Blooms ~

My sister in law gave me an Amaryllis this year [Christmas gift] as she has done in the past. Always they bloom and always it is exciting. BUT
I must be doing something BETTER this year because it is putting forth another bud… Whooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooo!
Pictures and information in these postings; ONE! TWO! THREE!
More flowers about the home at the moment as well. Valentine’s Day was fabulous, as usual. My Sweetie CLAIMS his fingers are sore … He says opening 29 cards did it… ;)
I told him my tongue had paper cuts from sealing all of the cards, so we can have a good laugh about that…
Daisies, our Wedding flowers…Is he not the awesomest guy ever?
I found this adorable bear wearing a hat just like the ones my Sweeties wears and likes…PLUS the bear in Jeans and Adorable sneakers…;)
His flowers are in the cute Saucy vase…tee hee a vase with an ATTITUDE?
He got me a TuneStik – the most versatile iPod accessory in DLO history. How kewl is that? I got him a holder for his MILLIONS of TV remotes that hangs off of his recliner and two boxes of Truffles…
Alas I will not be making dinner for my Sweetie until possible next week. THE SPECIAL DINNER that is, he will be fed do not fear.
I have managed to get a nasty cold that is now lingering in my head. It has already made some inroads to the throat as well. As of right now it feels like a World Cup Soccer team is playing with all its might inside my head… Cold and flu medications are being taken and “Just in case” The Love Rub is available. That is Vicks Vapor rub for the nastiest of chest colds.
My voice sounds like I am a teenager just getting an adult voice…
HA how funny a pre pubescent adolescent HA HA HA


Lilli & Nevada said...

Beautiful flowers and i love the smooch balloons.I don't have a green thumb so those plants all would die in my care. I am always jealous of those with a green thumb

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hello 'D'
This is another nice post.. and a fine tribute to you both... true love-birds for sure. ;O)
Love that Vase...

hope the cold/flu is past its worse and this finds you on the bend.

imac said...

Hope you feeling on the mend now, its wide spread I think.

Beautiful flowers and gifts, also Big Ted ah, brill post.

Kerri said...

Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous...and i LOVE that bear!!
The Vase is AWESOME!!!

I hope you are feeling better soon!!!!

I too have a nasty cold....very much in my chest....YUCK!

DeeMom said...

Heyya you all…Thanks for the well wishes…I am certainly working on that. Still I feel rather icky.

Llli, I have many times killed plants…I am still learning, but I am getting a tad better. The latest attempt is seeing if I can keep an Orchid plant alive…

That vase is for sure a hoot TOM and KERRI, kind of resembles me…tee hee

IMAC, When I saw that Teddy bear with the hat and the t-shirt and jeans I said there is my sweetie…

The flowers are lovely, Daisies are sooooooooooo neat….