Monday, February 25, 2008

Yesterday I played in the DIRT

Yup, it was just warm enough, for about 2 hours, I was able to begin cutting the tops off our Ornamental Grasses.


Trimming Ornamental Grasses It is necessary to trim ornamental grasses in late winter to remove old blades and seed heads before the next growing season. If you have ever struggled with trimming an ornamental grass with hand trimmers, here is a better way to trim ornamental grass with a chain saw or trimmer:
1. Separate your ornamental grass plant into several bunches.
2. Tie each bunch tightly with a strong piece of string.
3. Cut off the bunches below the string and as close to the ground as you can.
4. Use the string to pull the bunch of blades and seed heads to your disposal area.
5. Untie the string and repeat.
Although that was not on the DO LIST… it was something that needed to be done…
Do you all have DO LISTS?
It seems to help us focus…
Then there is the neat part about crossing THINGS off.
Quite a sense of accomplishment!
Ummmm sometimes, it is a self-imposed race to see who gets the most accomplished, which is not really fair, but the thought has entered my minds from time to time… ~~~~~~~~~
The other NEAT thing that happened this weekend was finding the first Duck Egg. Oh yes that is a biggie here.


My Sweetie in his ventures on the DO LIST located the first goose nest with ONE egg, so far…that was not touched…
That particular nesting site has been a proven winner.


Ummmmmmmm paradox would be a pair of DUCKS?
Visions of soufflés dance in my head, or waffles, pancakes heck even a CHOCOLATE Cake…everyone knows Soufflés are Heaven scent ;)

Did I ever mention I like to cook? ;)


Pear Soufflé yummmmmmmmmm mmmmieeeeeeeeeeeee


dot said...

Sounds like an Easter egg hunt! So what did you end up cooking?

DeeMom said...

Nothing yet ONLY ONE egg...

you are correct about the Easter Egg Hunt, just never know where they will drop an egg before they settle into THE NEST

Old Wom Tigley said...

Jane as always wanted to keep ducks... never geese she says they scare her. I told her that if she feed them and housed them she would be fine... The chane to rent some land went, and the field which is directly behind our house as a resident fox... and the kids around here can be so cruel.
I like my goose and duck eggs, I have them fried in a little oil or butter and like to dip buttered brown bread in them.