Monday, November 19, 2007


~ Feathers in the wood ~
~ faces in the wood ~ On with the walk SLOWLY Pollux and I saunter into the woods. AH the feather…just the beginning… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is Sunday when we walked, Sundays here are SUPPOSED to be free of hunters, therefore safe for casual walks in the woods. BEWARE, though, our county is closed to Sunday hunting. So when we hear shots…does this mean someone is only sighting their gun in? Lets hope so. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hunters should check with the respective County Clerk's Office concerning Sunday Hunting. Hunters must have written permission of the landowner. Hunting is prohibited on any Sunday preceding the Monday opening of a big game season (Deer, Bear, Turkey or Boar). Opening day of Gun season for bucks… wear that BLAZE orange. Blaze Orange Required All firearms deer hunters and persons assisting them must wear blaze orange. In addition, all deer hunters (archery and firearms) must wear hunter orange during any open firearm season. A minimum of 100 square inches on the front and 100 square inches on the back must be visible. A blaze orange hat must also be worn.
Precautions: The deer are white-tailed deer. Avoid wearing white Wear something blaze orange. Also if you have a dog, tie something brightly colored around their neck. Orange. Blaze orange requirements are in effect during gun deer hunting seasons. This includes: the regular gun season Nov.
Some times in a walk
Lichens Fungi FUN GUY
Leaf it to me ;)
More tomorrow!

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Old Wom Tigley said...

A great informative post with some stunning views you took the time to capture for us. I like the feather and the log face.. I could only make out one face and only then the right side of the face with the ear showing.
We both went for Fungi... how good is that 'D'