Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stop - Don't Litter! Spay and Neuter

To the Vets It seems only yesterday when I was visiting the Veterinarians office. Remembering,
Then the Quandary…
Of course one more REMEMBER!
Socialization skills continue, and there is no doubt that these are lively, active, KITTENS who will grow up all too soon to be adult cats. They can run, pounce, and leap, and can entertain themselves and their human observers endlessly. Just as quickly they can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, (growing up is hard work), so take care not to let them tire.
Kittens will follow their mother cat's lead in socializing with humans. If she has a comfortable relationship with the humans in her life, so will her kittens. However, if kittens are not accustomed to human handling by six weeks, it will be a long, slow, process to train them later, and such a cat may never be a "lap cat."
So deciding to take Paisley was a good thing for many reasons.
In my case and thanks to Becky that rescued Paisley and coerced me into taking the MOM, it worked ever so well. Hope your daughter likes the newest pictures.
The updated news is this: Mom aka Paisley now weighs 7 pounds, she came here at 6 pounds…but then she has just been spayed. Doc grinned and said, “they be eating mighty well.” I beamed…
Willow being a female picked up ½ pound while her brother Jacopo gained one more ponds…putting Willow now at 3 # and Jacopo at 3.5 #. These two will return to the Vet after the first of the year to be, as I call it “ nipped and tucked.”
Some of the pictures are not really all that good from a photographers view, I am speaking about myself here. But the Blurry action has shown how they cavort all about.
Now that Paisley has her stitches out I can introduce the “Kids” to George. That will occur Friday. In a sense they have ‘known’ of each other existence from the smells that George has on his Dog Pillow, and the kittens use his pillow while he is out to sleep upon.
So after I returned the “kids” back home I need to run some errands for the contractor…
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After that was accomplished, YA I DID, got some new toys for them… GO FIGURE, goodness everyone will think I am a softie. Well for goodness sake the Pet Store was only three doors from where I parked my car.
The “nummie” Jar [treats, that when jar is shaken they come running] ~~~~~~~Remember Pavlov?
Where did the toy go?
I have it… NO I do…
GADS I am getting dizzy
Snarffing up the treats…


oldmanlincoln said...

I really don't like cats. We had one tom cat when we first got married and I liked him a lot. Played with him with an old sock over my hand and he would bite through it and claw me through it too. But otherwise we got along great. Then for some reason we stopped the cats and ended up with dogs. I have one daughter who has 11 outdoor cats and two indoors and all have been "fixed." It is a great responsibility.

Your photos are beautiful.

imac said...

Cute. very cute.

DeeMom said...

RE: Rhodeswood
AH AH and AH low clouds and the mist Oh man O.W.T.
LOVE the History

Incredible picture
Abraham, we have had cats Plus dogs from the GET GO in our marriage. We even met over dogs and a cat named Goose, but that is another story.
We both had English Springer Spaniels… and at the moment have 9 outside cats, one in and out door one, Falcour… and the new kids Inside for the time being…

Falcour is our youngest sons cat, named for a character in the Book, The Never Ending Story, great book by the by.

WE raised AKC litters of the Springer’s, and did a darned good job of it, the puppies never left MOM until they were at least 8 weeks old. BECAUSE MOM was so able to teach them so much more to make them a better pet. AND they were litter trained to paper and most usually to a kennel environment.

All animals here are fixed unless for procreation purposes, which has always been strictly followed by the AKC rules and regs.

But that is the proper way ey?

Thanks IMAC

we do love our animals

Old Wom Tigley said...

ha! Cute Kitty's for sure. I've only resently become tuned into cats after being picked on by a neighbours, I look forward to the time it set on my land rover waiting for a tickle... it will come in through the window as well. Sit at our feel for a while then walk to the oor to be let out..
Thanks for the Double message ??

DeeMom said...

Easy to explain the double comment O.W.T.
I first read the blog, then I type in a word program what I would like to say, taking SPECIAL note of typos…
I cut and paste

In this particular case I pasted my comment to you double

Jules said...

i do love cats - and these photos are just wonderful!!!

Me and cats is only a new thing though. i had never had a cat until I came to PNG and one adopted us - well actually we adopted/stole him and he liked us better than his other owners because we actually fed him so he moved in with us!! He is now world famous and is a prominent part of my blog

Gina said...

Uber cute kitties!