Saturday, November 10, 2007


~~~~~~~~~~ It has been Covered NOW
by my Ultimate Sweetie
So here is the deal…our Parlor was re modeled about 5 years ago, the floors at over a hundred years needed a boost. When it was deduced the old oak floor would not go through a saw /Planer EASILY, replacement oak floors were the answer.
A planer will clean up rough faces and create a uniform thickness.
The expense of replacing the blades was prohibitive. While the floorboards were taken up with care, as they can be used for other projects. We found out just why playing marbles on that floor never worked.
YUP only one joist was solid, ummmmmmmmm, so while replacing those we decided to add a small furnace under the old part of the house. {Only crawl space, no basement} Seemed the perfect time to do the wiring. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ya with me so far?
We decided to have the bottom part of the outlets be governed from a wall switch. So upon entry or exiting the table lamps would we controlled from one place. The top of the outlet would be independent upon the needs of what ever was needed for that particular area. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OK, So one day ALL OF A SUDDEN, the outlet on the exterior of the house decided to not work. This was at that time attributed to the Ghosts…rather easy to blame them ey?
The mystery continued until this late summer that furnace decided to trip the circuit breaker…easy quick fix until determining what exactly was wrong a piece of cake. Use another outlet that was in perfect condition and close to run the furnace until the problem was properly traced. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With me still?
It was not the GHOSTS. Shocking discovery on the last outlet tested was that the EARS had not been tended to properly! Ya see of hot to hot occurs, then the circuit/receptacles will not work. DUH!
Remedy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pull Out Outlet Unscrew top and bottom screws from outlet, and gently pull out outlet by these top and bottom "ears." Again, be careful not to touch any wire. Now that you can see the outlet in the light, check once more with the voltage tester to make sure that the black wires are not live.
Switch ummmmmmmmmmmmm Which brings to mind Switched on Bach…to hear an excerpt Click on this link.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [First Movement (Allegro) of Brandenburg Concerto Number 3.] Switched-On Bach is a musical album by Wendy Carlos (then Walter Carlos) on CBS Records, released in 1968. It played a key role in popularising music performed on electronic synthesizers, and resulted in a huge increase in interest in them, and particularly in Moog synthesizers.


imac said...

Shhh, ghosts have ears you

Anonymous said...

That is an interesting post. And it made me lol.

Thank you very much for your comment on my bird blog.