Friday, November 16, 2007


Pictures say it all!


Anonymous said...

Snow? Are you happy about snow?

We got some the other morning too. I am not looking forward to it but know it will come and get deep again.

I used to like snow but as I get older I don't much care for it.

going green

Old Wom Tigley said...

That top picture looks like me ha! great series of pictures, no snow around here just yet.. but by gum it's cold today.

DeeMom said...

Oh Abraham I so love the snow, always have…I still even PLAY in it…silly moi

O.W.T. Gosh I dinna know you looked like my Garden Buddha

Loved the Birdie Comment on the Blog cat Post…Love Puns. As you can see I am not a golfer, so that dinna pop into my head…guess you EAGLED that one?

Love punning

Salty said...

Snow, I like to see it come and I like it better when it goes :)

Interesting post you have on the bobcat, checking the photo close up I would have to agree that it most likely is a bob. Although we have the some cats in our area I have yet to see one.

Thanks for visiting Country Captures and thanks again for your comments.

Willard said...

Yep it's snow and more likely to come before long. Salty and I got into it on our trip to SNP. I also agree about the bobcat. I saw a large one late this spring and have seen several others, but only got pictures one time and they were not good. If I don't forget I'll post one of them on my blog soon and tell the story.

Ki said...

Wow, snow already.

imac said...

Nice photos yup real good.

I guess you be watching then and not blogging. :):)