Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bird Cookies?

Continuing my Late Summer walk I was able to get these photos of the Great Blue in our Creek. Memories of the first time we saw this large bird and “Stories”!


Ummmmmmm wonder if my Sweetie is catching fish as well?
~~~~~~~~~~~ Great blue heron Ardea herodias Pronounced ARE-dee-ah her-ODE-ih-as
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Sacred Mallomar a sublime and elusive blend of graham cracker, marshmallow and a pure dark chocolate coating.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As for The Sacred Mallomar, OUR Version, ask our children!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The great blue heron is the largest heron in North America. It stands three to four feet tall and has a wingspan of almost six feet.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ardea means "heron" in Latin. Herodios means "heron" in Greek.


~~~~~~~~~~ SO EVERY FALL, amid the kind of hype that typically accompanies the return of the swallows to Capistrano, Nabisco rolls out the red carpet for the beloved Mallomar. Because the chocolate would supposedly melt during shipping, Nabisco says it can only offer the Mallomar from early October through April. So every September, publicists for Nabisco wisely distribute case upon case of fresh Mallomars to editors around the country.


"On November 13, 1913, another famous cookie was born.
~~~~~~~~~~ Or make your own


Alyssa said...

Very good pictures of the heron. On my Horicon Marsh trip we saw quite a few of them - they are kind of like the mascot there. What a magnificent bird!

You know, I've never seen or eaten a mallomar. I wonder if we have them up here. They sound delicious. I will keep an eye out at the grocery store or tell Steve to = he does most of the grocery shopping. That's interesting about Nabisco's reasoning for only having them during colder months. You'd think they could use refrigerated trucks....

DeeMom said...

I agree with you Alyssa, Refrigeration IS a concept...
But then think about this, after Easter is over it becomes more difficult to locate Jelly Beans adn some other things, like the Marshmallo Peeps...

For that matter Girl Scout Cookies ;)

DO try the Mallomar....yum O