Friday, April 24, 2009

We are off for the ride of a life time…

To one of the Three Nubian Villages of Elephantine
Enjoy the beautiful sights

Botanic Garden Aswan Egypt

More about these youngsters
as we get closer to the Camel Ride
Elephantine Island is the largest of the Aswan area islands, and is one of the most
ancient sites in Egypt, with artifacts dating to predynastic periods. This is
probably due to its location at the first Cataract of the Nile, which provided a
natural boundary between Egypt and Nubia. As an island, it was also easily
defensible. In fact, the ancient town located in the southern part of the island was
also a fortress through much of it's history. At one time, there was a bridge from
the mainland to the island.
Elephantine Island
The Beautiful CLEAR waters of the NILE
History Site
More pictures on the next post
as we go forth on the Camel Journey

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