Sunday, April 26, 2009

TADA the Camel Ride ;) and More

OK OK Which one is meant for ME?
Off the camel...
Nice guides
By Golly I did it
Some decided NOT to do the camel ride and waited for us at the Nubian Village
Here we come
Nice people, pretty place
Yippee more Shopping ;)
yup it is what it is
love the colors
YE GADS more shopping
the tea was good
YIKES Betsy did not want anything to do with this Live one
She was mortified
Crocodile NOT DUNDEE
but Crocodile Dee Dee
tee hee
Show off
Play pen ;)
Spices and more
such eye candy
Sigh we have to leave


DeeMom said...

Why are their baby crocodiles in Nubian Villages?

If you are on a trip to these Nubian Villages you can have a taste of the tasty bread that they bake in their households. See the local handicraft that they make. Also what is interesting is their houses that are made of ceramics. The bright colors houses are more African in their style rather than being Egyptian. See the baby crocodiles that the Nubians let free in Lake Nasser when they grow.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Excellent reading and great pictures Dee... really I'm enjoying this trip of yours.

Tene Murray said...

Great photos, Dee! I've always enjoyed reading your blog and checking out your photos - these are aweseome... but I gotta admit, I'd not have ridden a camel (wouldn't wanna break his back... LOL) and I definitely would not have held that damn reptile either! Hahaha!

DeeMom said...

Tene if EVER you have a chance to rife one DO IT it is sooooooooooooo awesome

AS for the Reptiles, I understand LOL

Looked good was a baby adn I was Bigger tee hee