Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Gosh I just went to the grocery and all seemed well.
I had forgotten to get fixings for a quiche to go with the Home Made Leek Soup
and the roast for this evening!
When I got home Poppa Call Duck was acting concerned for his mate…

Needed to get George, the Wonder dog back inside first…

I came back out and saw Momma feverishly looking for her wee ones…

I could hear the peeping for her.

Upon closer inspection her babies were still in the raised bed, she had just gone
out to tell her mate about the kids. They really thought Mom talked WAY TOO
LONG, I am guessing. Once Mom got back into the bed and the nest, they scurried
over to get under wing [not underfoot, hee hee] she has several eggs un -hatched
and will take a few days to hatch any remaining eggs before she takes the family
out for their first walk.
This is why this raised flower bed is not cleaned out…
had to make room for Mom ;)
This time English Call ducks birthed Just TODAY
Whooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooo Click here for more Information about these really neat DUCKS! Soon I will get back to Egypt and my One Mile Camel Ride…but this is too precious not to share!


Abe Lincoln said...

We had ducks one year under our living room window and when they hatched they stayed here for several days and then mother left and they followed in a row. She took them to the creek but getting them there was a challenge and some fell into the sewer and some were run over by passing cars. I often wonder how many made it.

Such wonderful places, so different from where I have lived. The Hamlet of Gordon, Ohio is where I was born and raised and it

is how small hamlets used to be and this one still exists.

The Hamlet of Gordon

Julie said...

Awwwwww! They're gorgeous!