Friday, April 03, 2009

Egyptian perfumery in Luxor/Tea time on Sun Deck

The weather in Egypt was WONDERFUL. Having some time to sit with friends was
a wonderful treat.

We toured the Essence Place then in the evening we were ready to see
The Temple of Luxor
But first ~ we compared notes about the perfumes we now safe horde in our
Al Fayed's Perfumes Palace & Handicraft Glass. This is the famous Fayed family
now resident in London and owner of Harrods. His son Dodi, died with Diana in
the Paris car crash. The manager of the house sat us down and offered all a drink.
The refreshments were followed by a well-rehearsed comedy routine that
incorporated many of the essential oils and their uses. Many famous perfumes
derive from these plant and flower extracts.
After dinner we were treated to the Luxor Temple at night. The statues and columns are impressive during the daylight but are so much more dramatic when lit at night. The entrance has only one of the original obelisks in front as the other was given to the French residing in the Place de la Concorde in Paris. The French had so much trouble moving it that they did not accept any additional obelisks as gifts! I liked the two colossal statues of Ramses II (The Great) and the wall detail of Alexander the Great becoming Pharaoh.

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Abe Lincoln said...

Interesting post.

DeeMom said...

It was a lot of good smells there ;)

Bobbi said...

I wish I would have been able to smell that place, I am sure it was intoxicating. Now I guess I should start using my fancy perfume flasks and things. Just like in the picture you took with those beautiful bottles. I like to keep mine put away with clod-hopping cats, all 10 of them.

Martha said...

I want to know where I to buy these oil?
Is there a homepage to do this

Rick and Mary Pat said...

While on this trip we purchased perfume and are asking if anyone has the contact information to buy the perfume from this location in Egypt.
God Bless

Edith said...

For those of you who want to buy perfume from Egypt can email Al Fayed at, and to buy the best cotton ever at good prices go to Those two shops were my favourite shopping places when visiting Egypt in August 2010 from South Africa.

ِِAnnstasia said...

i bought online from them but they make me pay extra for shipping to the states
i love my essential oils

blackroseemma said...

just came back from Egypt, got some of the perfume oils, they had my smell that i used at home, one of the dior range, its normally very expensive, got twice as much for half the price :)