Saturday, April 11, 2009

Edfu Part I

The Temple of Horus at Edfu (Idfu), buggy rides and FUN
and BEAUTIFUL sunrise
Most visitors to the temple arrive by cruise boat and then take a horse-drawn
carriage to the temple where vendors are ready to sell you all manner of
Between Aswan and Luxor is located the major Ptolemaic temple of Edfu - the best
preserved major temple in Egypt. The temple is dedicated to the falcon god Horus
and was built over a 180-year period from 237 BC to 57 BC.
Pictures inside the Temple
This is not only the best preserved ancient temple in Egypt, but the second largest
after Karnak. It was believed that the temple was built on the site of the great
battle between Horus and Seth. Hence, the current temple was but the last in a
long series of temples build on this location. It is said that the original structure
housing a statue of Horus was a grass hut built in prehistoric times. At any rate,
there is an earlier and smaller pylon of Ramesses II which sits in a 90 degree angle
to the current building.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Wow those are some great photos those of the sunset was stunning. I will never be able to go there so it is great to see this

DeeMom said...

thanks Lilli

it was an amazing trip to be sure

dot said...

Amazing things you saw on that trip. Great pictures! I love the ones of the sunset.