Sunday, August 12, 2007

Perseus on the Rise!

Spectacular weekend ;) The skylight is ready for the Show! METEOR NIGHT: The Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight. No matter where you live, the show begins on Sunday, Aug. 12th, around 10 pm local time when the constellation Perseus rises in the northeast. Expect to see a meteor every five minutes. The rate will surge as the night unfolds, increasing to one or two meteors per minute before dawn on Monday, Aug. 13th.


Ki said...

It would be interesting to do a long exposure to see if you could actually capture a meteroid. Way past my bedtime though.

Alyssa said...

That should be really cool. I'm up late every night so I will go out and take a look. Check my blog for the Queen Anne's Lace jelly. I had a very fun and successful time. I'd love to send you a jar. You can email your address to me if you'd like one:

DeeMom said...

KI and Alyssa, alas two things went wrong…one we should have thought of, turning the security lights off at the garage…the other we had no control of as it was too foggy…. BUT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ there is tonight!

I shall send e-mail Alyssa with subject as Jelly ~~~ then you will know it is moi ;)