Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It is so ~~~~

But then Shrooms are FUN Guys RIGHT? ~~~~~~~~~~~Humid Here I perspire moss


Alyssa said...

Great mushroom picture. Don't they just pop up overnight when it's hot and humid! They are about the most difficult thing to identify though. I have a good handbook, but still can't figure out some that are growing in our yard!

DeeMom said...

Thanks Alyssa.

I am clueless on identifying shrooms. What is the name of the book you use?

Ki said...

Big 'shroom. This one looks like it may be edible?

DeeMom said...

KI I am SHROOMLESS [but not in Seattle] on knowing what is safe and what is not…I cheat fair; I get ours at the local Grocery store ;)

Alyssa, I shall look for the book you suggested. KI? Do you have a book you would recommend in Shroom Identification?