Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Dad

~~~ Memories of the Best Dad in the world~~~
My Daddy used to say, "it was not the heat it was the stupidity". Indeed he was, at it always seemed correct. Today is my Father’s Birthday. While he is no longer on this earth I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Dad!
The humidity has returned today, but much has been accomplished. I have regained control of the Guest bed and bathroom. I how ever managed to break two teeny drill bits, so the shades will wait until tomorrow. My first CLUE should have been the sweat dripping into my eyes. Like Scarlett, I’ll Think About That Tomorrow~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Tene Murray said...

It's amazing how, no matter how long they are gone, we remember little sayings and quirky things about our parents. It's a great way to keep their memory alive and makes for great stories to pass along to the next generation!

DeeMom said...

Tene you are so right about the memories and passing the stories on ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~