Friday, August 17, 2007

Disco anyone?

Dark and Stormy night or a Blast from the Past?
~~~~~~~~ The temperatures went up again yesterday, as did the humidity. Later in the late evening hours we got this amazing storm. Since we are now reinstated in our bedroom we are getting used to the skylight above. Wow it was a super light show reminiscent of the 60’s HA HA!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A veritable Strobe light with hiccups!
The origin of strobe lighting dates to 1931, when Harold Eugene "Doc" Edgerton employed a flashing lamp to make an improved stroboscope for the study of moving objects, eventually resulting in dramatic photographs of objects such as bullets in flight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sir Isaac Newton's (1642-1727), work on gravity was a key step to the development of ... using a strobe light (and allowed the time of the strobe light to vary…
His second discovery was about light and the properties of light. He spent months in a darkened room doing experiments. He passed a beam of sunlight through a prism and discovered that the beam of light was broken down into different colors. His conclusion: something that appears green, such as grass, looks green because it reflects the green light in the sun and absorbs most of the other colors. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Law of Motion and “The Loco-Motion” Grand Funk! Happy Friday!


Alyssa said...

A friend of mine said they also had a skylight installed in their bedroom. He claims it's as if there is a drum installed in the ceiling even during a light shower.I sure hope you don't have that problem.

DeeMom said...

Alyssa, we enjoyed the sound of the rain, it was not a harsh sounds at all.