Friday, October 24, 2008

Southern California ;)

Venice Beach, California
Now that I gathered my composure, as well as my land legs.
I was in store for a total treat on Venice Beach.
I met a person that I have been in contact with for several years through a FOOD chat.
Needless to say that in itself was awesome.
Add to that I had the chance to walk on the sandy shore with the wind in my hair was magnificent.
After being in a sardine can for HOURS it was a delight.
Venice, California is known for being a trendsetting locale, and bodybuilding is certainly one of its most popular draws. It is why Venice is often referred to as Muscle Beach. It is said that California Governor (and former actor) Arnold Schwarzenegger heightened the interest in pumping iron when he relocated from Europe. Not only did he train at the world famous Gold's Gym in Venice, it was the site of the popular cult film, Pumping Iron, which introduced Schwarzenegger to the movie-going public.
Bodybuilding in Venice Beach , CA Memories of Muscle Beach
Venice Beach Cam
Later in the early evening she and I met up with her spouse and had dinner. The C & O Trattoria (C & O) has been open since 1969. Now a well known Venice Beach landmark, serving Northern Italian breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. It has become known for good food and friendly service in a relaxed garden setting.
Then we, she and I shared: Insalata Spinaci
Spinach, Goat Cheese, Flash Fried Prosciutto (Smoked Italian Style Ham), Roma Tomatoes and Roasted Pine Nuts. The portions are enormous. YUMMMMMM! For the main course I had tilapia, all I can say is that it was astonishing.
Two views of this Restaurant! C & O Trattoria Italian restaurant in Venice!
Editorial Review for C & O Trattoria – by Kelle Schillaci
The SceneRaucous "That's Amore" sing-alongs and honor-policy Chianti ensure there's always a boisterous throng of locals at this neighborhood trattoria. The warm, inviting patio is the place to be, while folks inside are packed sardine-style at tables covered with white paper tablecloths (replete with complimentary crayons).The FoodThe family-style dishes could feed a small army, even the most ravenous diner won't go hungry after these heaping portions. Huge ceramic troughs are filled to the brim with pasta; choose from 25 mix-and-match variations on traditional noodles and sauces. The meaty Bolognese is unbelievably rich, especially when paired with thick gnocchi dumplings. An indulgent cognac-spiked cream sauce blankets the fettuccine prosciutto. Other specialties include lush eggplant and Italian sausage lasagna, and provolone and rosemary chicken ravioli slathered in sweet tomato cream sauce. Dessert might be far-flung fantasy after these filling calorie-laden dishes, but true gluttons will enjoy the silky tiramisu.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Beautiful photos of a nice area, looks like a warm day too.

Julie said...

Sardine you've reminded me why I don't like flying, lol. Great pics tho.