Monday, October 06, 2008

As promised ~ There is LOVE in the air…

Short side of the “STORY”, for several years my Sweetie has purchased baby turkeys. Baby turkeys are called poults.
He has one remaining


Black-winged Bronze Turkey
Now comes what most might think AWFUL. We raised these to eat. Heretofore they NEVER had names. Frankly calling them Thanksgiving and Christmas mere denoted when they would appear on the table.
NOW here is the new PLIGHT!


He had 2 left and they seemed to be doing fine UNTIL one morning one was dead. No markings, no way to understand what had happened.
!! Life goes on as it were, and the Turkey called to her wild cousins as they would range our meadows. Again life went on. NOW, while my Sweetie was BASKING in the glorious wild life of the Boundary Waters of Canada, I was in charge of the FOWL!
Blue Slate Turkeys are named for the beautiful blue slate color of their plumage. This is a complex genotype, however, and the breed actually has three color phases: the Slate (pictured) which is blue with black specks, a pure black, and a pure bluish gray. They are medium sized turkeys and very good foragers, consuming great quantities of insect pests.
Blue Slate The Self-blue form is also known as Lavender
Seriously now, I did do it BUT, the first day as I entered the Turkey pen, I had great misgivings. The turkey seemed sick, I thought. I had to pick it up to take it to the water and feed. Ummmmmmmmmmm odd it had been eating, ummmmmmmmmm


A sit down Strike cause I was not the normal care keeper? I had youngest son take a look, he surmised she had a bad wing…he looked and found NADA.
Enter Sweetie from Canada ~ as he assumed his feeding of the fowl he literally skipped into the house with three eggs.
Guess the turkey is a SHE and he said “She needs a companion”. SIGH
SOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo off we went yesterday[Saturday] in search of a Tom.
Well the farm was a great place WAY out in the country. We did get a male AS WELL AS...
Yup you guessed it Sweetie got More Fowl. BUT I did agree that having three Guinea Fowl would be Neat. We had them years ago and they are a neat bird.
More about those later
So as we settled down last evening in front of a small fire in the pit we talked about NAMES for the Turkeys.


YUP Rule here, if it has a name it is not FOOD for our table. SO may I introduce you to SLATE, the male, and Goldie the female! We chuckled as they names coincidentally are the colors of WVU Mountaineers.

Go Figure that one!

More on the Nest Post! Pun Intended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vicki said...

Dee, that was a very riveting story. :) Actually, I loved the humor in it and look forward to more exploits (and offspring) of Slate and Goldie. :)

Lilli & Nevada said...

Loved the story as well, and i could never eat anything we raised,name or not. Nice names and glad to know that they won't be dinner...