Monday, October 27, 2008

My Computer Survived

Just a month ago I got a new PC and I was so thrilled…UNTIL

Just before I flew to LA, the darned thing started acting up… so much so that the Printer decided NOT to have anything to do with my requests.
So off to LA and my adventure!
Upon return my PC got more sluggish.
It got to the point it just plain Froze …SIGH

But to the credit of the Tech support we figured out what was the problem.

Seems AOL, even the program that says it will support Vista…does not work. Now the “BUG” is gone.

New Friends ;) Soon I can share WHY I was in LA! The Los Angeles River is a creek flowing through Los Angeles County, California, from Canoga Park in the west end of the San Fernando Valley, 51 miles (82 km) southeast to its mouth in Long Beach. For most of its length, it flows through a narrow concrete channel. Today, some environmental groups advocate the removal of concrete and the restoration of natural vegetation and wildlife.
Some History
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What do you mean you didn't know there was a river in Los Angeles? Why not take the Target Science Los Angeles River Virtual Tour and see for yourself? Like modern-day Lewis and Clark explorers, you will be able to digitally navigate the river from the headwaters in the San Fernando Valley to the mouth of river in Long Beach, over 50 miles away. This will be a descriptive tour, showing you samples of the sights, plants, animals, architecture, and history along the way. There are twelve stopping points along the tour: Headwaters, First Channel, Convergence, Sepulveda Basin, Verdugo Wash, Los Feliz, Frogtown, Arroyo Seco fork, 4th Street Bridge, Rio Hondo fork, Lower river, and mouth of the river in Long Beach. At any point along the journey you can choose to back up, or continue down the river. If at any time you would like to learn more information about selected topics concerning the Los Angeles River, refer to the menu at the bottom of each page. Here you can learn more about the Plants, Animals, Birds, Microorganisms, Water Quality, Human Impact, History, and Art on the L.A. River
Meanwhile some pictures from outside the set of Criminal Minds. Also from behind the fence the LA River… and lunch with the Crew!


Abraham Lincoln said...

Wow. This is a nice set of photos. Glad you got the puter fixed.

DeeMom said...

ME 2 Abraham, me 2 ;)