Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Froggy Sunday Morning

Today: Sunny, High: 74 F, Low: 47 F
As I walk out into the yard the fog is so heavy that every cobweb is perfectly outlined. Some webs sits upon the dried flowers as if to say
“Here is a different bloom to consider.”
By 11 am the sun will break through and the need to accomplish some much needed tasks is at hand. The sun will dry the heavy accumulation of dew.
SIGH There is LOVE in the air…
~~More about that on the next Post ~~


Lilli & Nevada said...

wow that is way cool, i love how you captured that

DeeMom said...

Thanks Lil

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi 'D'
Nice to drop by and catch up with you... sorry I'm not about as much but I and Jane still think of you...
I love the webs.. it is what mke them I'm not keen on.. :O)

Hope this finds you and all your loved ones...pets included.. well and content.
Tom xx

Abraham Lincoln said...

Well, we have some of those webs here too and the spiders that made them are gone. I assume the frost has killed them.

dot said...

What neat spider web pictures. I love all of them!