Wednesday, January 07, 2009

One Last Game

Yes indeed the College Bowl Games will end on Thursday with
Oklahoma vs. Florida.
Big deal ya say?
Well maybe…ya see here we have done a “Bowl” Pick for several years.
The people that choose to play simply pick their teams and submit them to the Head Counter.
This year I passed this arduous mantle to my Sweetie.
Next step is simple $5 per person, winner takes all.
In case of a tie etc it is divided.

I have won this at least once in past years.
Winning is not the most essential item for me.
Seeing how others picked, seeing the win/loss teeter- totter is even more interesting.
Speculation… [At least on my part of - “what if this team wins and this person …]
blah blah.
We are in a semi dead heat this year.
John and I [At this point] are neck and neck with John sporting 19 wins and I with 20. Thursday if John wins, he and I tie.

Frankly a tie is how I wish it to end.
It is not about the “winning” rights, it is about respect of ALL the people that
For sure it is not about the Big Bucks either…
FUN; time possibly to sit in front of the TV with others in your family to watch some terrific football.
As for me I am still trying to learn what Football is all about.
So if I tie John, then it proves to ME, I am beginning to understand SOME aspects of the game…
Well Maybe ;)

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Lilli & Nevada said...

Love the flower and well seeing that i am not into sports i am hoping that your team wins.
My son the sports freak i guess will be watching