Sunday, December 21, 2008


Tiz been a time since I blogged… but that’s ok.
It is the season of busy things
Good busy
Enjoyable busy
Today I shall add personal thoughts to the already addressed Christmas cards.
Hard to believe I actually started this project Thanksgiving weekend.
But then making seven different cookies to share plus the Chocolate Microwave
Cake to give out did take time. I am not complaining I have enjoyed it all.
All of the gifts are wrapped, tee hee I speak about the ones that are wrap able.
More snickering
The traditional OFFICE PARTY is over, man I had a great time.
The College Bowl games have begun and all bets have been placed.
I usually spear head this venture, but this year I yielded to my Sweetie to be the
HEAD Bean Counter.
Time to kick back and listen to Christmas music…
Mannheim Steamroller - ‘Joy To The World’ How Mannheim Steamroller got its name: Chip Davis decided to call his band "Mannheim Steamroller," an amusing, "colloquial joke name" for an 18th-century musical technique known as the "Mannheim crescendo." The orchestral crescendo was pioneered by Johann Stamitz and the Mannheim Orchestra. The Mannheim sound built intensity by adding layers of sound, color, texture, other instruments—and, especially, volume. To Davis, it was like a steamroller. Hence, the name. I want to tell the WORLD my Sister in law totally ROCKS!
She sure surprised me with this fabulous gift! YUP I got to see Mannheim in concert…WOW and days after WOW Life is GOOD! The shopping she and I did was FAB as well, tee hee


Kerri said...

OH I bet it was fabulous! Hubby and I would LOVE to see their concert!! We are HUGE fans!!

Abraham Lincoln said...

I have not been able to blog recently, so was glad to see your post.

dot said...

What a nice Christmas gift! Sounds like the Christmas spirit is going strong at your house. Hope you have a good one!

Tene Murray said...

I was wondering when you would get around to blogging about the concert! LOL! Taking a break from making gifts here - time is running out, so this elf is getting frantic... but needed a break. I'm sure your Christmas spirit is at full speed by now - if I don't see you at the shop before the holiday arrives - MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your sweetie! :)

DeeMom said...

TENE you are a saint

Abe did not know you were in the hospital, GLAD you are home Listen to your spouse

DOT this is ONE major awesome year HERE

Julie said...

Have a very Merry Christmas Dee and a Happy and healthy New Year.