Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ha ha I had a Epiphany about Toothpaste…Go Figure!
This morning when I awoke, I noticed my container of Toothpaste. It is almost at its end of usefulness. I calculate approximately four (4) more applications left.
~~ Ummmmmmm, I wonder how long this particular container has adorned my sink area? Will I miss the old one? Why am I even thinking about it? There on the edge of the sink sits a new container just waiting to be the next in line.
So early to think about complex issues…
I could provide a picture of the soon to be empty container as well as the one in waiting, but then I think I will just do a flower or something else…
~~ Silliness for sure!


Talk about silliness, have you ever REALLY wondered how much toothpaste is there in a tube?


guild-rez said...

You are so funny:)
Never thought about how much toothpaste is in one tube..
Cheers Gisela

dot said...

We do have to consider those things!

Tene Murray said...

Well, well, well... you know, I lie awake wondering about such things! :)

I love your blogs!!!