Thursday, July 24, 2008

Class VI / the New River Gorge

Tom Sandy Imac AKA TSI CHECK IT OUT The New River Gorge Bridge is a steel-arch bridge, in Fayetteville, West Virginia, USA. With a length of 3030 feet (924 m), it was for many years the longest in the world of that type.[1] Its arch extends 1700 feet (518 m). Part of U.S. Highway 19, it is crossed by an average of 17,000 motor vehicles per day. Its construction marked the completion of "Corridor L".


What a wonderful day trip we had last weekend. Meeting up with some new and old friends is always a pleasure.
Their View
The best white water rafting in West Virginia is one thing we have lots of! Like a box of chocolate covered truffles, there are a variety of whitewater rafting experiences for all ages and experience levels to choose from. With the largest number of white water rafting packages to choose from, Class VI can match your budget with the vacation best suited to your level of comfort and adventure. Best of all, you will not find an area closer to your home that has so many different stretches of water to paddle which run year round. West Virginia white water rafting is renowned as “America’s Best Whitewater”! The Adventure!!! ~ The river flows through a rugged canyon up to 1300 feet in depth exposing rocks as old as 330 million years while passing through an area rich in coal mining history. History, scenery, and lots and lots of rapids are what a Lower New whitewater trip is all about when you go rafting with Class VI. A trip down the Lower New is a great way to spend a vacation in a day, and we'll prove it. For more than 30 years, Class VI has been "In Quest Of Too Much Fun". It's an experience we want to share with you on our home river, the Lower New. In the morning, you'll meet at Class VI Base and get introduced to everything you'll need for your trip, from check-in to helmets to guides and everything in between. Once at the river, each guide will help show you how to get the most from your river trip, emphasizing teamwork and fun. Once the rapids begin, you'll be ready. Passing old mining towns, ferry sites, and coal camps as you wind your way down the river, the feeling of history in the gorge is hard to escape. When the rapids start to come, you won't be thinking about history as much as your immediate future as you paddle your raft through the waves and over the ledges that make up the world class whitewater of the New. There's plenty of floating and swimming to do in between the rapids, along with stops at Jump Rock and a huge gourmet deli-style riverside lunch. In the afternoon, head back to Class VI to watch the video of your trip on the big screen in Chetty's Pub. The Lower New is an amazing river experience, a trip that makes lifetime memories, and we want you to come see it with us! My View I chose NOT to join the white water rafting for two reasons. First I had done it in 1972 when White water was rather young in the state. I remember the thrill and the aches and pains the next day, not to mention the nasty sunburn.
Secondly I literally had a 24-hour respite from the three pups…YUP “ME TIME”!
I toured some neat shops in the near by town, had a fabulous breakfast in a darling CafĂ©…got my Sweetie some dehydrated foods for his Canada trip. Got our youngest son a goofy T-shirt and for MOI a silly cap that I wear when I garden or work outside.
Every now and again quality “ME TIME” is so invigorating. Even the spider bite on my right temple has its moment of humor…now I know what Botox could do for one side of my face! It has healed and my right side is back to BEFORE…
Enjoy the beauty of one of West Virginia’s amazing adventures. Also Check out our Outfitters. Fabulous place and the food was Marvelous! Dining on the Deck at Smokey’s on the Gorge
Smokey's On The Gorge, was featured on the Food Network's "The Best Of" television show in the summer of 2004 and is now featured in their brand new book "Food Network: Best Of The Best Of". Smokey's is one of four West Virginia restaurants featured, and we are especially proud to be among the Top 10 places they enjoyed most!
The Return


dlyn said...

Amazing photos. A photographer friend told me about this bridge not long ago and showed me his phtotos of it, making me want to go there. Maybe some day it will be my SWF. Happy Skywatch Friday!

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for the tour. Your images are inviting and fun. I would love to go there sometime.


My friend,

We have two big story of adventure.
The yours actual and the mine in past century!

Fantastic shot!

Look my adventure, but don't laugh!!

Have a nice weekend!

Rachel* said...

Your pictures are very intriguing. Very capturing. (:

Denise said...

What an adventure! I feel exhausted after the rafting! LOL!

coolgirlsar said...

What beautiful scenery and views.

imac said...

wow such fun and dangerous ride and a host of fantastic photos.

Julie said...

Beautiful Photographs Dee and wonderful country.

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Very nice series of photos.. and your story was great.

I skipped a bit further down in your blog to look at the beautiful photos of the night-blooming cereus. Just gorgeous!

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hello...beautiful photo for Sky Watch the new site....I love all the pictures below the sky watch one though... So interesting to see all the different skies. cheers.

K M F said...

very nice photos

K M F said...

very nice photos

Lilli & Nevada said...

Those are some amazing photos great sky watch