Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Night-Blooming Cereus

Queen of the Night ~ Deer-Horn Cactus Peniocereus greggii (Cereus greggii)


Willard said...

That's an interesting plant. It is another that I have not seen.

I like the photo of your husband driving the tractor too. That is the same type of lifestyle that we live in. In fact I hope to go and brush hog a meadow shortly.

DeeMom said...

I have had this one for 18 years.

This year 5 blooms to sweet I just love the flower

I put it out under a porch the end of May and bring it in before the first frost

Tom said...

Wow Dee this is a nice bloom.. and like Willard above one I've never seen...
I hope all is well in your world..

My blogs today show World In Miniature No.2 and our Granddaughter CaraJade

Julie said...

Amazing flower and shapes. Years ago my then husband had one of these amazing plants.